On site registration 9:00 AM  at Clinic Location. Onsite registration will be $100 per Coach and Credit Cards will be accepted. Online registration is now open for 2021

Session 1   Rob Armstrong:OC Baker County HS, FL
11:00-11:50    Block Down Kick-Out and Run the Power
11:55-12:45   Run It  Where They Ain't, The Baker Counter
12:45-1:00       Vendor Presentations 

Session 2  Roger Holmes: HC Dublin HS, GA
1:10 - 2:00  Running Weak Side Belly Series the Dublin Way

2:00-2:15   Vendor Presentations
2:20 - 3:10  Using Straight Drop Back Passing Without Teaching 5 step Drop Using Our Cadillac & Cadillac Flood
3:15- 4:05  Selecting Your Personnel For The Wing T Offense

4:15-6:00   Dinner on your Own
Session 3 Bobby Sharp: HC Lewis County HS, TN
6:10-7:00  Using Misdirection Plays in the Wing T
7:05-7:55   Utlizing the Mid-Line Option in the Wing T   

7:55-8:05      Vendor Presentations

8:10- 9:00  Utlizing the Belly (Down) Series in the Wing T

9:15 - 11:00   Clinic Social  (Site to Be Determined)

One Day Registration: 7AM - 8:00 AM Cost is $50 for Saturday Only

Session 4 Q & A with Coach Holmes

7:00-7:50  After  questions we will go over Practice Organization

Session 5  Bill Wiles: HC Trenton HS, FL
8:00- 8:55     Buck Sweep From Various Formations
8:55- 9:05      Vendor Presentations 
9:10-10:00   Combining Wing T With Triple Option

Session 6  David Bishop HC North Hall HS, GA
10:10- 11:00  Jet and Quick Pitch Blocking Concepts and Complimentary Plays

11:05- 11:55  Play Action Pass and Screens

12:00-12:50  Under Center HB Run Game


Traditional Wing T Room Schedule

2021 Southeast Wing T, Spread and Defensive Clinic.

Traditional Wing T Room