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Traditional Wing T Room

Onsite registration from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Clinic Location. Onsite registration will be $90 per Coach and Credit Cards will be accepted. Online registration will be open in Jan. 2017


Session 1 Tommy Walburn HC: Northgate HS, GA

1:00-1:50  Establishing the Wing T with the Buck Sweep

2:00-2:50  Down (Strong Belly) / Weak Belly Series and Variations

2:50-3:05  Vendor Presentations

3:10-4:00  Counter Game in the Wing T

Session 2 Art Craig HC: Timberlan HS, SC

4:10-5:00  Using Multiple Formations in the Pistol Option Game: (Inside Veer, Midline, Outside Veer)

5:05-5:55  Out Flanking the Defense with the Jet Sweep, Super Power and Zone Dive.

5:55-6:55 Dinner Break On Your Own!

7:00-7:50  Pressuring the Defense with the Jet Pass and Quick Passing Game 

​7:50-8:05  Vendor Presentations

Session 3  Thomas Herman OL: Mercyhurst College, PA 

8:10-9:00  Blocking Schemes in the Wing T Part 1

​9:05-9:55  Blocking Schemes in the Wing T Part 2

SATURDAY  (Registration for Saturday Only is $55)

Session 4  Roger Holmes: HC Dublin HS, GA

6:45-7:45 AMQ & A:   Open Discussion with Questions Answered on any Wing T Topic from people in the room.  If we don't have an answer maybe someone in the room can answer for us.  We will cover the ML if time permits.

Session 5  Roger Holmes HC: Dublin HS, GA

8:00–8:50  Teaching the Down and Down option with variations in both.

8:55-9:45    Adding to the Play Action Passing game in the Wing T  (Cadillac & Cadillac Flood)

9:45-10:00 Vendor Presentations 

10:05-10:55  Running the Midline & Veer in the Wing T

Session 6 Rick Tomberlin HC Calvary Day School  (Dynabody)

11:10 – 12:00POWER UP your athletes with a  Total Year Round BULLETPROFF Strength & Conditioning Program

12:05 – 12:45 Lunch Provided by Clinic

Session 7  David Pleasants QB Coach, East Coweta HS, GA

12:50 –1:40    Buck Sweep Variations: Reg/Wide/Bash, RPO 1 Back: Fast/Smoke/Tiger,Detailed Blocking and drills to execute

​1:45 – 2:35   ​​ Boot & Waggle: the Pass Counter to the Buck/Dart: QB Reads and Footwork  

2:40 – 3:30   Dart Variations: The Run Counter to the Buck that gives problems