Spread Clinic Room

2021 Southeast Wing T, Spread and Defensive Clinic

Sponsored by Dynabody

On site registration from 9:00 AM PM at Clinic Location. Onsite registration will be $100 per Coach and Credit Cards will be accepted. Online registration is open for 2021!


Session 1 Josh Herring: OC Jones County HS, GA

11:00-11:50 ​  Changing the QB Launch Point with Movement Pass Concepts

11:55-12:45   Simple Ways to Attack the Perimeter and Create Playmaker Touches

12:45-1:00     Vendor Presentations 

Session 2 Jason McManus: OC Chapman HS, SC

1:10-2:00 ​    Utilizing 1-Word Tempo Runs with RPO's in the Air Raid Offense

2:00-2:15      Vendor Presentations    

2:20-3:10       1st, 2nd, & 3rd level RPO Reads in the Air Raid Offense

3:15-4:05       Air Raid Quick and Dropback Passing Game including  3 Man Snag, Shallow, Drive, and Mesh

4:05 - 6:00  Dinner Break on your own! 

Session 3  Shawn Liotta: HC Burrell HS, PA    Author of "No Huddle No Mercy"

6:10-7:00    "No Huddle No Mercy"  Tempo Tips & Tricks, Scatters, Shifts, Gadgets and Exotics

​7:05-7:55    "No Huddle No Mercy"  The Choice Route-a multiple adjusting route concept that can be implemented into any offense

7:55-8:05  Vendor Presentations

8:10-9:00    "No Huddle No Mercy" The Game Planning and Play Calling Process.  Creating your toolbox to fix problems on gameday.

9:15-11:00 Clinic Social  Site to be determined


One Day Registration: 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Cost is $50 for Saturday Only

Session 4    Todd DeNoyer  Qwikcuts Video Editing
7:00-7:50          Qwikcut demonstration for those looking for a tremendous product for your film needs.  This is your alternative to HUDL with all the same bells and whistles with a much better price.    Anyone that attends this lecture will be an additional 100 hours of storage for the time you have "qwikcut"


Session 5  Shawn Liotta: HC Burrell HS, PA    Author of "No Huddle No Mercy"

8:00 - 8:50     Inside Choice Route the Companion to the Outside Choice Route

8:55-9:05       Vendor Presentations 

9:10-10:00    5 & 6 Man Protections

Session 6  Rick Tomberlin: Dynabody

10:10 – 11:00 "BulletProof" your players by teaching the Perfect Parallel Squat

Session 7  Jason McManus: OC Chapman HS, SC

11:05 – 11:55  Teaching the Power Read, Jet Read, Toss Read and its compliments in the Air Raid Offense

12:00-12:50   Teaching the Tunnel Screen, Fast Screen, Bubble Screen and Orbit Screen in the Air Raid Offense