Rolling Meadows Clinic will include 4 Rooms with over 60 hours of lectures.  We will have a "Friday Night Social".  Clinic will begin at 11:00 am on Friday and end at 1:00 PM on Saturday!  Speaking rooms will be: Traditional Wing T, Hybrid Wing T, Defensive Room and NEW FOR THIS YEAR will be the Spread Offensive Room

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Over 60 hours of Clinic Lectures

Free Friday Night Social,  Dublin Clinic will include Saturday Lunch &

Hobbs Sporting Goods Clearance Sale

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Early Registration Discount will be open thru February 10th.

Clinic Registration Fees:

                    Early Registration before Feb. 10th: 1-4 Coaches $80 per Coach.

                    Early Registration before Feb. 10th:  Staff of 5 or more Coaches is $75 per Coach

                    Late Registration after Feb. 10th:      1-4 coaches $90 per coach

                    Late Registration after Feb. 10th       Staff or 5 or more coaches $85 per coach

Coaches registering online will be charged a small online fee for processing by the registration company.

You may register at the door for normal Late Registration Fees.  We do accept Credit Cards at the door.  We  do charge a credit card user fee of $3 per coach.