2021 Southeast Wing T, Spread and Defensive Clinic.

Sponsored by: Dynabody

Hybrid Wing T Room

On site registration 9:00 AM  at Clinic Location. Onsite registration will be $100 per Coach and Credit Cards will be accepted. Online registration is now open for 2021


Session 1 Lance Helton:  HC Jeff Davis HS, GA

11:00-11:50 Teaching Progression For Wing T Offensive Linemen

11:55-12:45  Breaking Down The Buck Sweep Pulls For Guards 

12:45-1:00  Vendor Presentations


Session 2  Biff Parsons: HC Rockmart HS, GA

1:10-2:00  Building the Gun Wing T around the Jet Sweep

2:00-2:15  Vendor Presentations

2:20-3:10  Staying true to the Buck Sweep in the Gun Wing T

3:15-4:05  Play Action Passing Game from the Gun Wing T

4:05-6:00  Dinner Break on your Own

Session 3  Kevin Creasy: HC Oakland HS TN

6:10-7:00   Transitioning to the Gun Wing T while keeping your under center identity.  How to be 50% Gun and 50% Under Center

7:05-7:55   Getting your playmakers the ball in the Wing T run game: both under center and in the Gun

​7:55-8:05  Vendor Presentations   

8:10-9:00  Finding Ways to expand the pass game in the Wing T; including new route concepts with Waggle

9:15-11:00  Clinic Social (Site to be determined)  


One Day Registration: 7AM - 8:00 AM Cost is $50 for Saturday Only

Session 4 : Lance Helton: HC Jeff Davis HS, GA 

7:00–7:50    Scheme Variations To Traditional Wing T Plays

Session 5   Scott Martin: HC Ohatchee HS, AL

8:00-8:55   Complementing the Power with Counter, Sweep and Trap

8:55-9:05  Vender Presentations

9:10-10:00   Big Play Potential and Some "Little Things" from a Compact Offense

Session 6  Jason Tone: HC T.L. Hannah HS, SC

10:10 – 11:00  Bucksweep from multiple formations and adjustments

11:05 – 11:55  Playaction Passes and Homeruns 

12:00-12:50   Down Option and Midline to Attack the Defense