March 24-25  2017

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Walk up Registration from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM at Clinic Location. Onsite registration will be $90 per Coach and Credit Cards will be accepted. Online registration opens in Jan. 2017


Session 1 Tom Jobst: Marquett HS, IL

11:00-11:50  Installing the Buck Series in the Traditional Wing T

11:55-12:45  Misdirection in the Wing T including the Sally

12:50-1:40    Running the Double Dive Series in the Wing T

Session 2  Job Linboom HC: Deer Creek-Mackinaw HS, IL  (2016 2 A State Champions)

1:50-2:40     Practice organization for the no-huddle wing-t from preseason to postseason

2:45-3:35     Play Action Passing Game to including the Waggle and Crossbuck Pass 

3:40-4:30     Utilizing  false keys to attack defenses that read guards.

4:30-6:00  Dinner Break On Your On

Session 3 Don Smolyn HC: Lenape Valley HS, NJ  ( 7 State Championships, 2016 State Runner Up)

6:00-6:50    Belly/Belly Sweep

6:50-7:05  Vendor Presentations 

‚Äč7:10-8:00   Power and related Counters

8:05-8:55   Belly Keep Pass and Counter Pass 

9:00-11:00  Friday Night Social at Host Hotel


One Day Registration: 7AM - 8:00 AM Cost is $55 for Saturday Only

Session 4  Roger Holmes HC: Dublin HS, GA

6:45-7:45 AM Wing-T Q&A w/ Coach Holmes (Coach Holmes will cover any questions that you have)

Session Don Smolyn HC: Lenape Valley HS, NJ

8:00-8:50  Offensive practice organization from preseason thru playoffs

8:55-9:45   Offensive Line Fundamentals and Drills 

9:45-10:00  Vendor Presentation

10:05-10:55   Jet Series Trap, Sprint Out passing game

Session 6 Lance Helton OL: Dublin HS, GA

11:00-11:55  Teaching Trap Technique for Offensive Lineman in the Wing T

12:00-12:55  Running the Counter (Tackle Trap Series) in the Wing T

traditional wing-t clinic